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Majority of the solutions I focus on are around network & systems automation, as well as traffic management & security.

  • Network Configurations.
  • Network Element Configuration Management & Automation.
  • Network Design & Capacity Planning.
  • DPI/IPS/IDS Solutions.
  • Traffic Management.
  • Linux & Windows System Administration.
  • Puppet/Ansible Configuration Management.
  • Docker & LXC Solutions.
  • Virtual Security Solutions.
  • Network, Server & System Monitoring.
  • Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Firewall Assessments.
  • Patch Management.
Network & Security

Networking Services


Firewall Solutions / Traffic Management

  • User Authentication & SSO – Radius/LDAP/ActiveDirectory
  • Web & Application Filtering (Global & User specific)
  • Traffic Management – Per user volume and speed limits.
  • Traffic Management – QoS to ensure bandwidth is shared equally across users, with less preference to Bulk protocols such as Downloads, Youtube, etc.
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Web Application Firewalls – Protecting self hosted web services from common attack vectors. (XSS/SQL Injection etc)
  • Advanced Firewall Rules & intergration with internally generated alerts collected from authentication logs on systems. (Centralized, Dynamic Blacklists)
  • Custom Scripting, Intergration. 

Network Design / Architecture

  • Custom built network solutions, specific to your requirements.
  • QoS / Bandwidth Capacity Planning.
  • Security Requirements & Scoping.

Network Automation

  • Automated VLAN deployment (Across independant switches).
  • Router Configuration Generation (Template based installs).
  • Mass configuration updates  / Deployments.
  • Bulk Firmware Updates / Management.
  • Multi Device Service deployment. (L2, L3VPN, QoS, Routing, Vlans etc)
  • Bulk modification of SNMP credentials across routers.
  • Event based solutions, Horizontal scaling allowing fast & effective deployments.

Vulnerability & Security Assessments

  • Identify security issues before they get exploited.
  • Protect data integrity & confidentiality.
  • Application level assessments.
  • Executive Reports
Server & Software

Server & Software Services


Callcenter & VoIP solutions.

  • Highly Available Callcenter Solutions (active-active multi-site)
  • Custom Asterisk Development. (8+ years experience with developing Asterisk based solutions)
  • Cloud based PBX (Custom built)
  • Certified 3CX Engineer
  • Certified Yeastar Engineer
  • SIP Load Balancers/Proxies (Kamailio)
  • CDR Reporting solutions
  • Custom call handling – integrating with business systems (e.g VIP routing)
  • CRM Intergration
  • Deployment Automation
  • SIP-TLS Deployments
  • Adding SIP-TLS to PBX’s that do not support SIP-TLS

Managed Services.

Remote management of servers, ensuring software availability & system is patched/up to date with requirements. Ensuring backups are done on schedule, and any issues are dealt with in a timely manner.


Bulk Email Services.

  • Managed e-mail services
  • Authenticated Mail (SMTP TLS)
  • Bring your own domain (BYOD)
  • Automatic Blacklist Monitoring & Rectification
  • Reporting
  • Able to cater for up to 10 Million messages/month.
  • Low cost



  • Puppet/Ansible configuration management/deployment.
  • Scripting to work through repetitive tasks quickly.
  • Deployment tools for large variety of vendors/solutions.
  • Custom scripting/development.
My Work

My Recent Projects

Asterisk B2BUA

  • Connects Asterisk based PBX’s to multiple providers via multiple ISP’s or Public IP’s.
  • Externip workaround
  • Asterisk 16
  • Back To Back User Agent
  • CentOS 7 / Ansible Playbook
  • Planned to migrate to Docker.

WDT Konfigurator

  • Mikrotik Configuration Tool
  • Multi Language
  • SSH Retrieve/Push
  • C#

Keith is a very experienced professional with great wisdom of IT solutions, and did exceptional job on recent projects. Keith combines a broad knowledge of ICT with in-depth insight of the quintessential aspects of the solution. Although technically minded, Keith has the ability to communicate with simple, friendly language. Hardworking, intelligent and helpful, he has come a long way and is sure to achieve greater heights always putting his energy and stamina to get the job done.

Marisa Mejric - Bicom Systems

Keith Rose is extremely adept at Cisco and Huawei routing configurations, having helped one of our clients to overcome some redundancy issues that they have faced for the last 18 months. Keith managed to get this done within 48 hours across 8 sites countrywide. I would not hesitate to recommend Keith for any high level routing requirements that may ask for complicated configurations. 

Ross McLeod - Operations Director @ Ambrose Consulting

I have been working with Keith in the Cisco market. He is proactive, willing to go the extra mile and make sure customers are satisfied and their needs met. He is a technical trusted advisor to the customer and an excellent business partner. 

Samantha Kokoe Kouevi - Account Manager @ Cisco Systems

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