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Salesforce – SFDX Bearer Token

Sometimes need to get a quick bearer token to test an API in postman or python. Rather than going through the tedious process of setting up an App or fiddling with OAuth, the salesforce cli tool can be used to get a token to use in API queries.First step is...

Python – Azure Redis Cache Snippet

This is a small code snippet demonstrating interacting with an Azure PAAS Redis Cache import redis import sys redis_fqdn = "" redis_key = "" r = redis.StrictRedis(host=redis_fqdn, port=6380, password=redis_key, ssl=True) # Test latency to redis result =

Mikrotik Voltage Alarm/Beeper

I recently needed to make my routerboard generate an audible alarm based on voltage thresholds on the 12v battery wired directly to the RB2011. This script was a modification of something i found when perusing the Mikrotik forums. Change lowvoltage and highvoltage to...

ZESA Tarrif Calculator

Recently saw an article in the herald about the new tiered tarrif structure for Kwh/units. Here is a calculator to help you estimate your monthly budget with the new structure. (Distributed under GPLv3 - feel free to do what you like with it)...